Ears generally clean themselves, that’s why we have ear wax. However, sometimes the wax can build up and harden which can cause hearing problems and sometimes infection. Having your ears cleared regularly by a professional is the best way to avoid a build up and keep your ears healthy.

Microsuction is the safest and most comfortable way to remove ear wax. The benefits of this method are:

Instant results

The procedure is over in just a few minutes and most clients notice and instant improvement in hearing and discomfort, particularly if there was a build up of ear wax.

Precision accuracy

The microscope we use during the procedure gives us a complete and clear view of the ear canal meaning we can work safely and precisely.

No preparation required

Microsuction is a dry procedure that doesn’t require any drops, gels, and fluids. This means there’s less risk of infection or an allergic reaction.

Safe for anyone

Unlike other methods of ear wax removal like syringing and irrigation, Microsuction is safe for anyone including patients with perforated ear drums or previous ear infections.